Prices/Session Fees

Thank you for your interest in my work!


Photographer's fee = 1000 гр/hour

The session fee covers the time and work of the photographer . They do not include any prints. 


Additional to the session fee comes a studio fee, depending on the photo studio, the photographer or the client is choosing. Of course on location or outside doesn't require any fee.


The digital handout is a little case with a USB flash drive with all successful pictures + 10 edited images

If desired as well per drop box.


Editing up to 20 images create an additional editing fee of 1000 гр.

Editing up to 50 images creates an additional editing fee of 2000 гр.


 At no time are RAW images included in any package. Images are hi resolution and will be printed just fine.


If you are interested in print outs or photo products of any kind (books, canvas), please contact me, I'd love to deliberate.


Belly casting is provided. Pregnancy sessions usually take about an hour when in the studio, and a bit longer on location. Pregnancy sessions are best between 7-8 months. Please plan ahead and schedule at least a few weeks before. Partners, siblings and pets are always welcome to participate in the session. This is the best time to just relax and enjoy the beauty of pregnancy.


Nudity is a personal option and is available in any session in the most discreet nature.


All ordering appointments can be scheduled as early as 10 days after your session.